Friday, July 31, 2009

Wipe Away.

" Never knowingly leave something wrong on your canvas"

This is a progress shot of a portrait commission I'm working on. I was having many issues with the proportions of the face and placement of ear. So while the first image may seem to be from after the second- the opposite is actually true. Sometimes you have to wipe away and start anew. ( I just had to)

I've read through an article a couple of times of John Singer Sargent's students telling of their experiences with him and his process- apparently if a face was not done to his liking, at the end of the session he would wipe it away- to do it all over again next time.


  1. So, if you had to wipe away the face, what does it look like now? What is your progression looking like? How has it improved?

  2. Ah Matthew, sometimes a painter needs a logical engineer behind him. The face looked better the first time;

    but, the night is still young.

  3. That is good to hear. I think when it is all said and done we should have a party... with your commission. It would finish the night off well.

    But really, nice work with it so far.