Thursday, February 14, 2013

Running out of paintings

The Muddy Colors blog is a constant source of inspiration ( and a way to procrastinate while not feeling too bad about myself).  Jesper Ejsing's post is a great reminder that we only have so many paintings left to create in our life time, so we should make them count:
As someone interested in the nocturne genre, I always find myself coming back to this post by James Gurney: Is Moonlight Blue?

It's really interesting to delve into the scientific study of night-time lighting and it's effect on color. Apparently, moonlight has a slight reddish hue; who knew?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Been focusing on a slightly different direction recently, specifically trying to beef up the fantasy/ illustration side of my portfolio. Anybody that knows me well knows that If I'm not painting or eating chickfila, I'm probably playing card games. I would love to do some work for games like Magic: the gathering or Legend of the Five Rings sometime in the future. 

Below is a page of my sketchbook where I did some acryla-gouache thumbnails. Sometimes your first idea is your best, or maybe I just got lazy.

And here is the thumbnail taken into photoshop and renderend to completion: