Sunday, April 1, 2012

A nocturne and a master study

After a night photography shoot, there was one particular picture of horrible quality, but despite it's homely look I knew I could make a decent painting out of it. I used it for a homework exercise for a class: Color and the painted image, where roughly half of the composition was to be exclusively organic pigments and the other, inorganic. Due to the complex nature of a wide array of pigments, thickness, and transparency it goes without saying it looks better in person ( I try not to pull that card too often).

"Hill and Vines". 9x12". Oil on canvas board.

Another assignment, this time for advanced portrait drawing. Sargent has been a major source of inspiration recently, and his Head of a Capri girl is one of select number of paintings that resonate with me deeply.

After Sargent's Head of a Capri Girl. 8x11. Sketchbook entry ( sized watercolor paper)

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