Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Subversive Fashion Presentation

The first concepts for the subversive fashion project dealt with pixel art technique and "pixel perfect curves" being displayed on the female form. After showing these, the professor asked " do they glow?"

Theres no reason they can't. To justify a glowing garment I tapped into the resources of my latest pixel inspiration- Gameboy technology. The garment then became a collection of monitors on the human form that received graphical input from Gameboy hardware.

Then the professor said " I think the controls should be headgear"
I could only assume this meant to make the obvious connection between a hardware controller and the cerebral control over the human body- so the concept was pushed to make the garment and the model become more unified, with retro game technology and aesthetic being applied to the figure.


By the combination of organic form and the geometric atom of the computer pixel, this fashion piece is half garment, half retro gaming hardware on the human scale. Through body modification ( such as directional pad and A/B button implants and circuit board tattoos) as well as Gameboy hardware, the organic human figure and pixel come together.


The garment would be separated into 4 LED maps that would receive graphical input from modified Gameboy hardware. Attachments and accessories are created from respective link cables. The head piece includes a Gameboy Camera, allowing the audience to see themselves as the human/ Gameboy hybrid form would.

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